Boker Plus, Griploc, G&G Hawk design, Black/Silver Handle

Boker Plus, Griploc, G&G Hawk design, Black/Silver Handle

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The ingenious tinkerer-duo Grant & Gavin Hawk has had a long-standing following among knife enthusiasts. Their intricate designs and sometimes over-the-top mechanisms have never failed to elicit astonishment. Putting the tinkering aside, we have now developed the Boker Plus Griploc to production-ready status together with G&G Hawk by focusing on utility and a wide range of uses. This elegant pocket knife has a spring-loaded opening mechanism that is conveniently actuated with one hand by flipper or thumb button, but is not equipped with an automatically engaging lock. The Griploc nevertheless provides a high-degree of operational reliability, since one has the option of activating the supplemental safety at the grip end with the second hand, which secures the blade in its deployed condition. But there is more: even without activating this supplemental safeguard, the Griploc is almost impossible to fold up unintentionally when in use: the clever mechanism ? consisting of two handle elements that slide against each other ? cannot overcome its dead center when exposed to the slightest load from the clenching hand. This reliably prevents the knife from folding up even when the lock is not set. The ingeniously calculated leverage relationships already allow a minimum holding force on the grip handles to withstand a much larger force that acts on the blade spine. Truly a master piece that represents an incomparable approach to meeting the needs of a modern, up-to-date utility pocket knife ? as one would expect from G&G Hawk. Blade made from AUS-8. Aluminum grip with clip (tip-up) and supplemental safeguard.

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